Happy Birthday Cheyenne!


Cheyenne the birthday princess!

When I was a young girl, I didnt have too many birthday parties. My hubby always ask me why I go all out for the kids birthdays,now he knows why. Yes as pinktastic as I am, I never really had big birthday parties. It wasnt that my mom didnt have the money to give my sister and I parties, she was just not sociable. Gasp, I know some of you may think, well where did she get her social skills from then? lol.


Stephen, Monkey Joe,Cheyenne

I guess it came from my dads side, not sure. I always said when I had my own kids, I was going to celebrate their special days in grand style! My kids are now 10 and 12  and they tell me they are growing tired of the big parties and opt out for just a few friends with cake and thats it ,wow!


My good friend Stephen Gilmore, CEO of Schere-Inc had a fab party for his daughter Cheyenne yesterday at Monkey Joes! She turned the ripe ol age of 7! Wow, I can remember that age, it was good memories. So I had a great time hanging out with her and her friends and family.She looked cute and the theme was Hello Kitty! As long as it was pink, I was happy,tee hee!


I gave her the So In Style Barbie, I heard she likes dolls. I gave her Trichelle and Janessa. She actually got quite a few Barbies I was checking them out lol. She is such a sweetie and I wish her many more Pinktastic Birthdays!


Check out the pics below and thanks to Stephen for the personal invite!




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