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Happy Holidays From The Reeds!

January 1st, 2012

As promised, I said I was going to unveil out annual holiday photo. I was waiting till the new year to arrive to put up. We are so excited to share with you guys. We shot this photo at our pool area where we live. The guys decided to wear black while my daughter Dootie and I decided to wear leopard print. I never really seen it done and I had PLENTY of cheetah print in my closet. It took days to try to find outfits that all coordinate but it was NOT happening. I just decided to wear something in my closet.

I feel for moms trying to put family photos together and trying to find things that look right argh! It’s a total nightmare and what do you do when you have a larger family geesh! Anyway, each year I look back on our photos from the beginning to now and I just burst into tears. There are so many memories when looking at each photo. My family has been through so much. Mostly good times and some not so good times. I’m very thankful for my husband and two wonderful kids. I pray that this year brings us much peace and joy! Happy Holidays from The Reed Family and may God bless you too! Shout out to our photographer Brian who owns Brian L Christian Photography too, he did a wonderful job! xoxo



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