Holiday shopping at Sephora!


Me as a mannequin for Sephora  lol

Yesterday I got to hang out at my favorite place, Sephora! Who doesn’t love this store right? I told my daughter that I would be doing an in store meet n greet for the holidays and she was too excited to go with me! There is a new Sephora store that recently opened at Cobb Park Center in Kennesaw,Ga. My fav Manager name is, Daniel Hill. She invited me back out to see the latest holiday items. I loved going because I have to do some last minute shopping!


My makeup artist for the day Ceasarie

As soon as I got there I went to shopping! I needed to buy soo many gifts for my family and friends and Sephora is just the place to go! Alot of my friends are very girly and love makeup as much as me! I think Sephora is a great place to shop for gifts for sometimes hard to shop for friends and family. My mom would be one of them because she already has everything lol. A new makeup bag,perfume, or makeup is always a great gift to buy,you cant got wrong with that lol.


Shopping for  some goodies!

While talking to the customers and staff I found out that alot of people really dont know how to wear makeup appropriately. I had no clue. The Sephora staff told me that they are always doing classes because so many people don’t know how to apply eyeshadow, lipstick,eyeliner just to name a few things,wow!


A pink makeup case gotta love it!

I’m putting together a great event in the spring time with Sephora, once it warms up outside. It’s going to be too Pinktastic, so look out for that! Also look out for Tarina Tarantino’s new makeup line coming in the spring time too, she rocks! Check out my pics below and I would like to thank Daniel Hill and her staff for allowing me to come and hang out with you guys! Loved my goody bag! Thanks also to DJBlak for taking the pics!


Gotta love the cheerleaders!



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