How CBD Oil Can Be of Help for Dogs and Cats

The population for dogs and cats taken care of as domestic household pets has rapidly increased years and years. They have served and are loved by millions of families around the world. They make up the highest percentage of types and kinds of animals being taken care of in a household, dogs are the leading percentage, and next to it are cats, see more.

Who wouldn’t want a pet just like them? They are strong-willed, fun, lovable, and are ultimately great companions to have. Both a dog and a cat have a great personality and pet owners need to have an animal to take care of that is suitable to their liking and lifestyle. Before having one, you should as well know what you want in a pet. Do you want them to be quiet and not bother you all the time, or is it the other way around?

Are You A Cat Or A Dog Person?

You can be a canine or feline person, or maybe even both! However, you need to be up for the task of becoming a pet parent.

Take for example a dog. This kind of animal is mostly hyperactive and loves to have fun. Do you want a dog? Here are some things you need to know about them before having one and these things listed below are what fur parents could relate to:

  • Dogs are very playful and can sometimes be clumsyAlthough this is quite not true because there is another breed of dogs that is not that active. Dogs are proven to be playful and fun to be with. They wag their tail to adore you and jump at you to let you know about their presence. Adorable isn’t it?
  • They bark loudly, and can make you alarmed Dogs are somehow not a suitable pet for apartment renters because they do so much noise that is sometimes uncontrollable and may annoy the whole people living in the building. Although this type of animal is suitable for real estate homeowners because they can be put as guard dogs and may protect your house.
  • Give them vitamins and keep them exercised daily Animals like dogs love to be taken a walk and played with. It is important to give them your time when it comes to an exercise regimen and give them vitamins to keep them healthy and strong. Many pet owners are also switching to hemp oil for dogs and cats because of its benefits offered to animals. It has also natural ingredients and makes it as 100% organic and is specifically made for pets.
  • The amount of dog food to be spent depending on their sizes Of course, there are a lot of dog breeds around the world and they all have different sizes, ranging from small to large ones. It is just up to you on what kind of breed and what’s the size of that dog is as long as you can take care of them and feed them every day.

Of course, listed above are just a few of the many traits a dog can have. You can always search for more info on other websites that are related to this kind of topic. Now, let’s go to some traits that a cat has, and maybe this one is the most suitable for you:

  • They eat little food because they are smaller by sizeCats have small and slim body features. You can find a lot of cute cats that are oversized because they are overfed by their owners that you can see on social media platforms. It is up to you if you want to spoil them with food.
  • Cats are quiet and often you could not hear a loud meow This type of pet is suitable for apartment renters. Why? They don’t bark loudly and will only sleep when they are bored. They will also go out of your home to find a mate or food. In this case, you can even go on a trip for 3 days or less without worrying about your cat because they are natural hunters and can survive a day without you.
  • They sleep all day in any position and everywhere in the corners of your homeYes, they are flexible and can even sleep on the pots of your plants nearby your window, or even on the railings of your stairs. Research shows that cats can sleep for more than 15 hours a day. Imagine that!
  • They are less likely to seek attention This is quite true for most felines. They don’t have a welcoming trait that a dog could offer, they will even be happier if you leave home for work. They’ll have that “now-I-have-the-whole-house-to-sleep” behavior.

CBD, CBD, What Is CBD?


As what I have mentioned above, CBD oil could be an alternative for vitamins because of its benefits that are offered to mankind and animals as well. CBD or cannabidiol has gained popularity and is now undergoing thorough research to uncover more of its useful benefits that could be of help to people and the medical community. Listed below are its found benefits, although some of it are still under testing:

  • Acts as an appetite booster or reducer
  • Protects the neurology system from neurodegenerative diseases
  • Can reduce stress, anxiety and can cure sleeping disorders
  • Can aid common ailments and may act as a pain reliever
  • Has the potential to cure or treat diabetes

These benefits can be enjoyed by both animals and humans. There are now a lot of cannabidiol-based products that consumers can grab in the market. You may visit this website to find out more of its benefits offered:

Be it for your pet or yourself, CBD is worth checking out!

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