How I Survived Essence Music Festival 2014!


I got a very nice email from a loyal reader From Birmingham, Alabama and she wanted me to share ways on how I survived and prepared for the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans! I thought this was a pretty fun email and so I will share some tips and more on how I prepared inside! 


Her email read….I watched most of all your tweets and instagrams while at Essence and I must say you looked fabulous. I would like you to do a post on the many outfit changes and the Essence of getting ready for events… your all white number was super pretty and that makeup was flawless. Many of your readers would love to see or hear your take on getting ready from the behind the scenes… hotel room trip hotel and etc… I work at a major hotel and would love to hear your pros and cons on hotel check in and how this industry can improve on such large events.

One thing for sure, if it was not for the pr company planning out our schedule, I would have been frantic but they invited and sent out our iternary months in advance. Everyday they had our schedules with times and what we would be doing. I planned all of my outfits with this list. It was very handy and I suggest if you are planning a trip to Essence Festival, to map out what you will be doing during the day, then evening events and dress according to that. The pr company planned out the hotel accommodations too but if you read my post yesterday, I wasn’t too happy with the hotel of choice.


Daytime look at Essence Festival in Fashion To Figure Maxi Dress

During the day, I wore a lot of maxi dresses that were easy breezy because for one, it was hot! Two, I didn’t want to add any heavy jewelry or annoying shoes because it’s a lot of walking around and you want to be as  comfortable as possible. Nothing like being hot and uncomfortable right? I also wore jeans and cute but simple tops that were lightweight.


Wearing Chic and Curvy Boutique high-waisted jeans and white top with sandals from JustFab


Evening look wearing Curvacious Boutique long white gown

For evening where I attended lots of dinner parties and concerts, I dressed it up a bit with long gowns and some short dresses. I added heels and accessories for a different look and style.


Jumpsuit from Igigi and Prada sandals

For dinner parties in between the daytime events, I found jumpsuits perfect for the occasion because you can dress them up or down.


As far as makeup and hair, I got pretty lucky. There was a lady named Nicole Williams on the press trip that was a professional makeup artist and I was so happy to meet her. She did my face early about 6am daily because we had to be on the shuttle bus at 7am for many different events. I wore my handy dandy clip-ins from Irresistible Me. I also brought along my curling wand. I’m pretty good at doing my own hair sometimes but not my face lol.

All of my wardrobe choices were mainly sponsored by fashion brands except my Prada shoes and everything fit into ONE carry-on luggage bag! I know that sounds insane but yes and it all rolled up very nicely. I try to find clothing that’s not too bulky, that way I can have more options. I took about 12 outfits for this four day trip. Two outfits a day plus a few other options for an emergency or wardrobe malfunction. I packed four pair of shoes that could go with everything I was wearing too. I always travel light because the more I pack, the more I forget lol.

So there you have it guys and I’m also going off on another press trip next week to Los Angeles with Disney.  I have all my list of activities and more, so I am packing for that as I type lol. Check back for that as well! xoxo




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