How to Transition Your Skin From Winter to Spring

In many parts of the country, there is still snow on the ground, and the temperatures are still cold. However, whether Winter likes it or not, it is on its way out, and that means glorious spring is here. We love spring, because it is the season for renewal. That means new things are born, new plants are growing, flowers are blooming, and the whole world is decked out in brilliant colors, which is a welcome change after winter snow and ice. 

Although the world is ready for spring, your skin might not be. Your skin may be as dull and dry as the winter. If it is, how can you prepare it for spring? We have some ideas that will make your skin brighter and fresher looking just in time for the arrival of warmer temperatures. 

Brighten Your Skin With Vitamin C and E

There is nothing worse than greeting the arrival of spring with dull skin. If you need to brighten your skin, we suggest you try Vitamin C and E serum. This amazing serum is full of Vitamin C, which works to brighten dulled winter skin. Vitamin C can also help skin that has been reddened by the harsh cold and winter winds. It works to reduce dark spots and undereye circles from winter sun or from that winter bug you and your kids were passing around for a month. Vitamin C and E serum is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin against future issues as well. 

Need A Repair on that Skin?

When you look at your skin in the mirror, what are you seeing? Are you seeing dull, brittle, lifeless skin? You may need to begin to repair that skin using Matrixyl serum. We love this serum, because it allows you to work inside your skin’s layers to repair and beautify it from the inside out. This serum also helps your skin retain moisture, which will keep it fresh and dewy looking all through the spring and into the summer. 

Winter Dryness

Winter leeches moisture out of our skin, making skin cells thinner and dehydrated. Using a 0.5 derma roller can help repair your skin. The derma roller consists of micro needles, and uses an ancient acupuncture technology. Through rolling the tiny thin needles over your face, you create tiny holes. The body thinks you have injured yourself, and rushes two proteins, collagen and elastin, into your face to repair it. You are rewarded for your efforts with younger, healthier looking skin that looks youthful and feels firmer–how great is that? For added oomph, combine the derma roller with a serum, such as the Vitamin C and E serum, or the Matrixyl, and then put your moisturizer on. All of this layering creates hard working products that really help to polish your skin and give winter the heave-ho out the door, where it belongs. 

This is the perfect time to ready your skin for spring, because so many of us are stuck in the house. Pick a new product, and get ready to see changes in your skin. 

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