I got a hair cut today,it’s been 5 years!

Me and Alexandria, the shampoo girl

I’m here at M&M Beauty Salon in Lawrenceville,Ga.I’ve been coming here for over 5 years, so I’m like family up in here lol. Margot is my hairstylist and she told me that I promised her that I would let her cut my hair today. I was not happy but my hair is rather boring when it comes to my tresses lol.

I side eye’d her and then agreed but hid my face under a towel because I didn’t want to see her cut my hair in big chunks, boo hoo! She promised me it would be cut into long layers, yeah right! I’m so old fashioned when it comes to my hair lol. Either I get it curly or straight and nothing else with no color! I had color one time and it broke off my hair so bad, so I never did that again lol.

Me and Margot,before the snip…clinching pearls!

My new layered look

M&M Beauty Salons is a dominican salon located in downtown Lawrenceville,Ga. If you live in Atlanta,I know it seems far but they really do a great job. I don’t have a relaxer and they really keep my hair healthy, shiny and bouncy ofcourse! After Margot cut my hair, I loved my new layered look. You really can’t tell I got it chopped off because my hair is thick and full but I will have to see if my hubby can tell the difference ha! Hola!

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