I witnessed a live Liposuction!


Dr. Boutee, ready for action lol

Last week I got a text from my dear friend Dr. Windell Boutee. She is a well know Dermatologist here in Atlanta. She has this Pinktabulous facility called, PreMiere Essence Medspa. She asked me if I could come and videotape a Liposuction procedure for her. At first I was very excited to do it till it dawned on me that I have a weak stomach! What was I going to do, Yikes!


After thinking about it and calling my director Kristie, I decided to toughen up and go see what this thing was all about. Once I got there, I was very nervous lol. You would have thought that I was the one going under the knife myself lol. Then come to find out,I knew the patient!  Dr. Boutee told me that the patient was going to be awake during the procedure because it’s called, Smart Lipo and your up and talking and everything! The procedure takes around 3 hours.


I was like ok, but is it going to be bloody? My stomach cant take that lol. She said, no its a limited amount of blood. I was then convinced and we started to set up. We then witnessed a patient signing off on a gazillion papers, I thought she was buying a house lol. Then they talked about blood work, H.I.V. stuff and some other precautions. I didnt know that you cant take any aspirns because that makes you bleed  more! I was learning fast!


They then prepped the patient, marked the areas,numbed her, then filled her with solution and started the process. Once I saw Dr. Boutee working on the patient, I was thinking to myself, if I ever needed a procedure done, she would most definitely be the one I would go to! She makes the patient fill at ease and she really knows her stuff! The patient was talking with us,laughing and twittering. So as squeamish as I am, the procedure was nothing like I imagined it to be at all! The patient got her pooch done(stomach area and bra line area done). I didn’t really think the patient needed anything done because she was smaller than me, so anything under my size is not fat,but to each it’s on lol.


Me in my protective eyewear for the laser,woot!

We had a great time documenting the whole thing, and the patient left pleased and in good spirits! Dr. Boutee, if I ever get up the nerve you will definitely be the lady I come to see!  If your interested in getting a lil tuck here and there, please check out Dr.Boutee she is fab, and I could tell she really enjoys what she does! Right now she is running a special, 40% till January 31,2010. This procedure normally costs around $10,000.



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