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10469408_10201164002540711_472049551836154078_nI had a funny situation happen to me the other day. Actually, it wasn’t really funny it was rather sad and I started to go completely off but after talking to my brand manager and consultant, she told me to take the high road. Plus, I have to remember that I have so much going on in my life that it would not have been a good look for my brand. I do agree somewhat with what she said but this incident inspired me to write a blog post about what happen because I’ve seen this situation go on time and time again and with the good ol makers of the internet, cyber bullies out there feel as though its their job or duty to give you their personal opinions on you and your imperfections…like we don’t know we have them lol! 

I was a thumb-sucker till I turned 25 years old. My mom refused to get me braces because she said it would be a waste of her time and money and she was so right lol!  I just didn’t take my overbite seriously back then up until a few years ago. Now that I’m somewhat in the public eye, I do think about it but I just refuse to get braces at my age, when I have so many other things to worry about. Trust me though, I DO KNOW that I have buck teeth! I brush my teeth and look in the mirror every single day, yep I know it! I also know that there are lots of other things wrong with me but you know what, I keep pushing forward!

An old ex of mine from my college days who I’m friends with on Facebook thought that it would be a good idea to send me an inbox and questioned why I don’t get braces. I was a bit taken back because first off, I haven’t heard a peep out of him in over 3 years on there and I guess he’s just a lurker lol. I visited his page after he left me that questionable message and checked out what he was looking like now-a-days. I was in shock that he would even leave me such a distasteful message because looking at him NOW, he has NO room to talk about my teeth! See, how the tables can turn? I could go on and on about his short comings but it got me to thinking why do some people feel as though it’s their job to “call out” your imperfections when they ain’t hitting on nothing! Smh!

Some people have different priorities in life, mine just so happens to be my family first, education, money in the bank, nice environment to live in etc…Where others priorities may be to have a VERY expensive car but living in the hood, designer clothes but your kids are raggedy, people getting liposuction but really need a boob job…you guys get my point right? NOBODY on this earth is perfect and if there is, point them out to me! We all have different things that we value and prioritize in life. NOONE should judge another on what they do with their money etc! And if something about me is bothering you that much, send me a check for some braces, I would happily use it for something else, bloop!

Trust me, I have thought about getting braces but at this time in my life, I don’t feel as though its that important but maybe if I was 20 years younger, I definitely would have done it but just not now when I have two teenagers heading off to college in a couple of years. So my point to you guys out there is this. You do what makes you happy in life. If you are comfortable with how you look, please don’t let anyone try to make you feel bad about how you look, keep negative people out your life! My “overbite” has NOT stopped me from working with thousands of brands, getting numerous tv & radio appearances, being invited out to fabulous events, asked to do photoshoots monthly, meeting and lunching with Oprah Winfrey, traveling across the globe, receiving awards, interviewing a-list celebrities and the list goes on and on!

Maybe my ex who saw the life I live, wasn’t too happy with himself and his. He tried to make me feel bad but trust me, I’m still smiling and I’m EXTREMELY grateful for everything that I have and my husband of 16 years, don’t seem to mind my buck teeth at all, you be blessed! Till next time! xoxo

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