From My Inbox: Inspirational Words From Tiffany


This note made me do a twirl when it landed in my inbox! I don’t share too many of my emails with you guys but this year I thought I would start something new! I received a very sweet email from a loyal reader by the name of Tiffany! It made me cry because you guys its hard to entertain you, run my household, travel and more! Sometimes I’m a bit tired but sweet notes like this keep me going! Trust me I see your notes online, I’m just sometimes too busy to respond to them all! Take a peek inside and read her really inspirational note to me! This is what keeps me going and why I will always love blogging and being Talking With Tami! 

Hi Mrs. Tami,

My name is Tiffany Grant and I just wanted to express my admiration that I have for you and all that you do. I followed you IG and twitter pages about a year ago and I check your website regularly. You are so inpirational to me, in the way that you’re a true go-getter and the way that you embrace your size and so comfortable doing so. I’m a curvy girl and it has always been so difficult for me to find fashionable, “pinktastic” clothing to wear, and through stores like Chic and Curvy Boutique, introduced by you, I’ve become a lot more comfortable with myself. I’m currently a senior at Emory University, originally from South Carolina, and I will be continuing my studies here in Atlanta for the next 2 years. I hope to one day meet you.

Again, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for being an inspiration. You’re my Aunt in my head 🙂

Thank you so much for your kind words Miss Tiffany, keep up the good work and study hard! xoxo


Image courtesy of Vogue Italia

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