Jubilee recap!

I couldn’t stop counting how many beautiful women were on the stage at Jubilee at Bally’s in Las Vegas on Sunday night! Omg, if you want to see a sparkly show and full of glitz and glamour then you have to check out Jubilee!

We sat 5 rows back dead center of the stage, so we were able to see everything. When the show opened beautiful statuesque ladies dropped from the ceiling in full head pieces and gorgeous gowns. I knew early on it was going to be a great show!

The opening song was called, “Hundreds of Girls”. I think that I counted 80 to 90 performers in the show wow! First thing I noticed was that the girls were topless. I have been to a lot of vegas shows, so that didn’t surprise me. I just always wonder why do they have to be topless though? It didn’t offend me just curious lol.

There is a show on Saturdays where the girls perform with their tops on and thats the 7:30pm show only. Bob Mackie & Peter Menefee are the designers of the exquisite costumes that you see in the show and I wanted to pack them all up and take them home with me! They were simply breath taking! I loved the outfits in the Titanic Scene at the Captains Ball…Pinktastic!

I did some research and it’s 8,000 miles of rhinestones used in making of all the costumes and the headpieces can weigh up to 35 pounds,geesh! They reenacted scenes from Samson and Delilah and the Titanic. In between sets, they had performers that entertained the crowd too.

Los Huincas Argentinean Gauchos

The Long Twins were two contortionist that balanced themselves on each other and did some amazing stunts. Next was an aerialists who amazed the audience with his high-flying act and Los Huincas Argentinean Gauchos pumped us up with their fierce drumming and boleadoras twirling. They were too cute funny!

The show ended with a tribute to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers and I was on the edge of my seat from looking at all the ladies dressed to the nines in lavish gowns and headpieces, it was something to see! The guys were all in top hats and tuxes, very stylish!They sashayed down the staircases and it seemed like it was never going to end lol. I love to see people get dressed up and that they did in Jubilee! I have been to a lot of vegas shows too and it was nice to see soo many african american dancers and leads. There was an african american male who was a lead vocalist and also atleast 5 lady dancers in the show.

I give Jubilee an A+ and would go again to see it in a heart beat. Thanks to Frankie over at Harrahs  for the fab seats and tickets, your a doll!

For tickets or info on Jubilee click here

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Photos by Craig L. Moran

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