K. Michelle’s Wig Gets Snatched!


No not her and Tamar’s twitter beef lol! A friend of mine was playing around on Facebook and Instagram the other day by the name of Tokyo. I met him a few years ago on a photoshoot with Lisa Wu, when he told me he wanted to do my hair. He was a college student at Clark Atlanta University and he was too charming. That was a few years ago, see what he is up to now! 


K. Michelle is making her way around the tv networks and radio stations but did you know that hairstylist Tokyo was behind her wigs? Yes mam, he is the designer of her custom made wigs! My daughter was looking at some pics I posted yesterday on my blog and she had NO idea that K. Michelle was rocking wigs lol. She assumed she was wearing a full weave but I said, “no honey those are good wigs she is wearing and they look fabulous!” When you get to full celebrity status and have the money to splurge, every diva has to have the best wigs in town and especially for anything in the entertainment business. All that heat and wear and tear on your hair can take your natural hair out, so investing in a good wig is the key! I wish I could afford one and could be gutsy enough to actually wear them out but I’m ol’ school lol. I would be too self conscious that they would look crazy on me. They have definitely come a long way though from back in the day and K.Michelle’s wigs look haute! Tokyo made K.Michelle a custom red number and a two-toned blonde one, too fab! You can follow him at @tokyostylez on Instagram




Renny, K.Michelle, Tokyo

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