Kandi & Tank’s Concert and After Party

Yesterday evening was pure fun! I was invited out to Center Stage to see Kandi Burruss in concert along with R&B crooner Tank. I will be the first to let you guys know that I’m not a concert goer. I can’t stand the loud music, big crowds and people standing up in front of me. So I usually opt out but something told me this was going to be something to see.

My girlfriend Tish and I warmed up the bat mobile and we were off! As chilly as it was here in Atlanta, we weathered the storm and made it downtown. From the looks of the crowded lobby other people made it out too in the frigid weather lol.

When we arrived Kandi was already on her 3rd song. She song some of her old hits and her new stuff like I fly above, and a slow song dedicated to her ex-fiance A.J. She put a lot of heart into that song. Fans were cheering for her and singing along, everyone seemed to really enjoy her music. I personally thought Kandi sounded a bit hoarse but others tweeted me saying, no thats how she sounds. She had great stage presence and her backup singers/dancers did a great job.

Tank was up next and he came out with a grey wool coat, hat and sunglasses. By the end of the show he was shirtless lol. I have never seen Tank perform but he was something to watch! I was in the front row, yelling my head off! He song some classics and new material that I heard at his listening party a few weeks back. The crowd went wild when he song, I Apologize and Please Don’t Go(my fav). He brought a girl on stage and thats when all hell broke loose because I thought he understood that he was my 2nd boo! I was yelling from the crowd not to do it lol! The girl was just smiling away and I was blank starring the whole time! That should have been me on stage smh! Another thing I thought was funny was that it was more male groupies at the front of the stage than girls with camera phones, I was dying! Tank gave a great show and I’m so glad that I saw both of them perform.

Tank ain’t right smh!

There was an after party at the W-Hotel in midtown and it was everybody and their distant cousins up in there! It was hot as heck but everyone came to support both artist. Kandi and her relatives sat in V.I.P. and I asked her for a pic of her boots. She said the name of the shoe designer was Sam Edelman.

Sam Edelman Boots

Exec Producer Roger Bobb

Me and fellow Clevelander Thomas “Luscious” Crawley minked up!

Group 3D

My V.I.P dance partners Demarco & Tish lol

Celebs that I saw out and about were Lisa Wu Hartwell & Ed Hartwell, Jazzy Pha, Luscious(The stripper from the Atlanta Housewives show), Marvin Montgomery, 3D,Rasheeda and more! Tank arrived later and everyone was flying over to get pics with him. I quickly cut the line of groupies and shut it down while demanding my suga and a pic! I said, “Tank you didn’t see your girl in the front? You didn’t pick me to go on stage! He smiled and said, I’m sorry Cakes next time!” I forgive you this time Tank,side eye! He gave me some suga and we took our pic(I’m a hot mess) lol. Pink Suga was getting sleepy so me and Tish made our way to the door.Kandi had a great party as they played her music from the dj booth and people partied. I would like to thank Jamahl King for Steps Events for the personal invite! Kandi and Tanks cd’s hits stores today!

Marvin Montgomery, guest, Tracy Sipp and Ruben Studdard’s wife Surata

Jamahl(Event Planner) & his brother

My 2nd Boo and I(Tank are u trying to fondle me? lol)

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