How To Keep Your Hair Happy & Healthy!

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What’s shaking and baking everyone. Thanks for stopping by! I wanted to share with you some pretty quick and easy tips on how to keep your hair happy and healthy. I also wanted to share with you guys ways I maintain my natural hair and keep it looking healthy, bouncing and behaving! 

As we all know, I’m always complaining about my hair thinning and shedding. So one thing that I have learned to do is to keep others out of my hair! I stopped all together going to this and that person just because someone does hair. That does not mean they know how to take care of yours! I started doing my own hair at home and to be quite frank, I don’t really get anything all that elaborate anyway, just a wash and set, I can do that myself right here at home. Many beauty brands send me shampoo, conditioners and other products to try, so I just had to sit and learn how to take care of my hair myself. Here are a few tips that I’ve been using to keep my hair happy & healthy…

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I’ve learned to do my hair myself.

I deep condition my hair once a month.

Try to avoid using too much heat on your hair.

I pin curl my hair at night before I got to bed.

When I do get my hair done, it’s usually just a wash & set, that grows your hair faster!

I do go into a salon for a monthly trim. You have to get those dead ends off and it curls nicer.

I stay out of my hair! So many people have nervous conditions and always play in their hair, stop that!

I let my hair breathe! I wear it loose around the house standing on top of my head a lot!

I try not to use too many products in my hair. Gels, grease etc. I’m down to just a lil light hairspray to hold my natural curls in place.

I message my scalp daily.

I sleep on a satin pillowcase

Here is a fun video of me taking my hair down from a top-knot and how quickly I can get ready in a snap!

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