Kicking it in Los Angeles part 2


The next day while visiting Los Angeles we all got up and headed out to sight see again. Ms. Steph and I  took a drive to Malibu. Lots of celebrities live in Malibu and as we were driving, I was admiring the condos/houses. I saw a pink n purple one that was too cute. These houses by the ocean were very pretty but very expensive. In Atlanta our homes are soo big compared to the houses that I was seeing and we pay way less. I guess it’s all about the location, I didnt get that lol.

Ms. Steph and I kicking it in Malibu

So we went to country mart where they had alot of lil gift shops and boutiques and restaurants. It was very sunny and pretty outside. Ms.Steph and I spotted an actors and director while people watching on the bench. I first saw spikey haired Brian Grazer who directed and produced soo many movies. He has won academy awards too. We then saw actor Dermott Mulroney who starred in The Wedding Date and other movies. He was playing with his kids.

While at the mart we also saw this cute lil haute dog dressed in pink, being strolled by her owner. I laughed so hard. The dog was wearing pink shades and a pink cowboy hat. How fun was that!

Haute Dog in all her pinkness,how cute!

Later that day before I had to cover the red carpet for Niecy Nash B-day party, we stopped by a place called, Beard Papas. I was thinking that’s a strange name but once I saw what is was, I was in heaven. I guess Beard Papas is the hottest bakery in Los Angeles now because I got tweets to try this place. Ms. Steph and J.D. swore by it. When I tried their eclairs they were simply delish. I always have to stop by and add one food spot that I visited each day. Loved it!

FIDM Museum

We also stopped by There they had an exhibit for Hollywood 2010: The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design. It’s on display till April 17th. It was so fun to look at the clothing worn by all those actors.It was over 100 costumes and two dozen of last year’s movies, such as The Young Victoria, Star Trek, Julie & Julia, An Education, Nine, Broken Embraces, and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. I couldn’t believe how small Ben Stiller pants were lol. I also saw costumes from, Night of the Museum and Sherlock Holmes. Mostly all the actors are extremely small and short. We were not able to film or take pics, I was not happy argh! Well seeing all of these things were soo much fun,shout out to J.D. and Ms.Steph for showing me around!

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