Ladies Who Launch recap!


Yesterday was the Live Ladies Who Launch event! The event was held at The DeFoor Centre in Atlanta,Ga. Ladies Who Launch is the first new media company to provide resources and connections for women entrepreneurs. I remember taking the incubator workshop a couple of years ago and I learned so much on how to run and market my business. In my class there were 10 womenpreneurs and we still keep in touch today. I ran into my classmate Leslie Grant who owns, Chickin Feed LLC, she launched her Co. in 2007. Chickin Feed helps families understand the basics of healthy eating.I’m so proud of Leslie and her company is doing very well. She has appeared in all sorts of magazines and has appeared on the Rachel Ray show!


Leslie Grant(Owner of Chickin Feed) Me, Melissa Steele

I saw my buddy Angela Stalcup who is the Market Director of Ladies Who Launch. She looked fabulous and also owns The Curvy Life! Her company has created conversations about our definition of beauty and attractiveness and is challenging the unrealistic standards of the female body so prevalent in modern media. I also saw my instructor Traci Long who has now become the CEO of Ladies Who Launch! I’m so proud of her, Woot!


Traci Long and I

I also saw the Founder of Ladies Who Launch Victoria Colligan, we are both from Cleveland,Ohio. She started Ladies Who Launch in 2002. She is also, Co Author of  the book, Ladies who Launch: Embracing Entrepreneurship and Creativity as a Lifestyle. I remember seeing her on The Today show, and thats when I wanted to sign up for a class lol.


Founder of Ladies who Launch, Victoria Colligan

The event took place from 9-5pm with featured speakers like, Claire Jason Co Founder of PZI Jeans (and my sponsor) lol. There was a Product-Launch panel, Author Power Hour, in which I met Author: Debra Shigley, she wrote, The Go-Getter Girls Guide: Get what you want in Work and Life(and Look Great while your at It). We are Facebook buddies and I finally got a chance to meet her lol. Next was The Fresh Entrepreneur,then my session called, “Launching Live Tv”. In this session, I had the opportunity to interview Corinna Allen from CBS Better Mornings and Holly Firfer, freelance Anchor for Cnn.


Me,Corinna Allen,Holly Firfer

During that time we discussed how we landed jobs on tv,which Holly and I explained that we were accidental journalist lol. Corinna shared fun stories about how she got started on local tv in her hometown and covered nuclear waste and Holly shared stories about covering hurricanes back in the day lol. Holly and I felt like we’re dinosaurs in the media world now because of all the technology out now.


After our session there was a Break Out Session with experts,Door prizes and  closing remarks. It’s such a great event to go to and I highly recommend you guys check it out next year! They do the do the workshops all the time and the live event is yearly. Thanks to Ladies Who Launch for having me back for another year.


It was also great to meet soo many wonderful women in business at the event too many to mention but keep doing your thing! Happy Launching! And a special shout out to Josefa Laguna (Amour Bijou) for making my custom pink rhinestoned flower,everyone loved it! Check out  pics below!






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