Lisa Wu Hartwell’s viewing party recap

Jonell,Lisa,Jamie and I

As I type this blog post ,I’m over here still laughing out loud at all the things that happened last night. I woke up in tears and could not stop thinking about all the fun drama that went on lol. Ed & Lisa Hartwell came and picked me up and we zoomed downtown to Ixtlan Restaurant and Lounge for Lisa’s special viewing of Tyler’s Perry’s Meet the Browns. When we got there, it was crowded and alot of their close friends and family came out to support her.

Lisa’s Agent Margo Gabriel & Evan Stancil-Flading

Jamie,Tracy and Lisa

The Hartwells and The Ragins

As they played the show on the big screen, we started to cheer when Lisa walked on. She played a fitness instructor. I was so proud of her and she looked so pretty. I liked her second scene in the show because she wore a pink workout outfit, so you know I was loving that! She did a great job and I can really tell that Lisa loves to act. She is a trained actor, so she played the part well. She auditioned liked everyone else for that part and got casted by Alpha Tyler Casting. Jamie Foster from Sister to Sister came out,JaQuitta Williams and Lisa’s agent Margo Gabriel and her wardrobe stylist Tracy Sipp were also there. She wanted to keep the party private and intimate. This show will air this wed at 9pm on TBS.

Lisa and Jamie Foster

Part two: The Drama

NOW you know I’m about to Spill the Tea at all the drama that unfolded at the partee! First of all, I got to meet Tracy’s friend Conrad! Conrad was dressed to the nines as he came in and just shut the whole situation down! After alot of people left, was when the real fun began! Now you guys know that I’m not a night person, so I had to get several sodas to keep my energy up. Lisa was in rare form and prancing around the whole night in YSL stilettos,still being a worker bee…I can’t! I thought I was hyper but she has me beat by a long shot lol.

Jaquitta Williams and Conrad(from JaQuitta’s mobile upload)

Hasani Taylor Anderson and Lisa

Tracy Sipp does alot of industry work and owns Fresh Faces. So he was the first to show me how to work a red carpet and pose correctly. He called Lisa over and she showed me the stance and how to work it! I was stiff as a board and needed alot of practice but Tracy stepped in and got me right together! So now I got my Haute Pose 101 down pack, watch me work next carpet ha!

Striking a pose with Tracy

  • Stand side ways
  • One arm back on hip
  • Chin up, looking straight ahead
  • Sexy Eyes(google Sheree Whitfield/Victoria Beckham they do this best)
  • One leg out, the other back and toe pointed

Next Conrad and Tracy showed Lisa and I how to properly hold a designer handbag…what? I’ve been a lady all my life and I never knew that I was carrying my purse incorrectly! They said, “No sweetie, when you carry thousand dollar bags, there is a correct way bitch! They said that didn’t they! POW!

Lawrence(from Atl housewives) is the master at this!

You better work Victoria Beckham!

Kim’s got it down pack too

  • Facial expression
  • Confidence
  • The label has to be seen
  • Purse dangling on arm with arm extended
  • Never ever carry designer purse on shoulder!

So as you see we had so much fun and with all the commentary that went along with it,we laughed so hard! The bickering between Tracy and Conrad was classic. The eye starring and gestures were to die for you guys would have been on the ground! They also kept saying, ” Catch it!” and “Noo Mam!” Dying!

Later we left and went to IHOP because everybody was hungry. At this particular time,I was thinking to myself that I would have been in my 2nd dream by now lol. I was held hostage and had no car to drive home, so what was a diva to do? I had to tag along,poor me! Who keeps a mother of two and wife out so late? I was enjoying every moment though and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next!

So we get this waitress that well, just looked like she was a lil slow. Leave it to Conrad to say something to this lady and she went off! Mind you we hadn’t got our food yet! I don’t remember what he said but all I know was that she told him off! She told him this was just her job and that she was bettering herself and the next thing I know, Conrad looks at me and says, “did she just give me a bun?” I’m looking at Conrad like what? He said, “she fixed me and she braided my hair up in a bun!” I was still lost and I finally figured out that he meant that she read him(told him off) lmao!

I laughed so hard and I’m laughing right now because of how his face looked. He said it with so much facial expression, you guys had to be there. Plus his hair is short and he pretended to have long hair as he swept his make believe long tresses backwards behind his ears.Then he made this smirk and it was over for me!  I almost used the bathroom on myself. Omg you guys had to be there! It was alot more that went on but I’m trying hard to keep it clean but it was the funniest stuff going on! I want to thank Lisa and Ed for a wonderful time and Jonell Pr for inviting me out. This was definitely a great event with fun friends! Cant wait for the next episode! Thanks also to Paras Griffin for snapping some shots too!

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