Loft 22 Grand Opening

Princess Banton Lofters creator of The Atlanta Housewives just launched her own production company called, Loft 22. Thursday night her office was filled with well wishers,friends and family as she just smiled the night away. It was hosted by my bookie Lisa Wu Hartwell. I had the pleasure of meeting Princess a couple of years ago and she is such a pleasant lady.

Princess Banton Lofters

From April Love:

“Princess Banton-Lofters is the Founder and CEO of Loft 22 Entertainment, a successful entertainment production company based inAtlanta, GA. Loft22 Entertainment creates, produces, writes, pitches, and develops television show concepts for major networks from pre- to post production. The company has a unique specialty in casting all talent for programming produced under its corporate umbrella. Loft 22 Entertainment strives to create thrilling, dramatic, and inspiring programming and accomplishes this through Banton-Lofters’s exceptional gift for developing talent and breakout concepts. Operating under the mission of “Dreaming Big,” and within only a few months of launching, the company received its first development deal with a major production company”.

Mele Cotte cake

On October 15-17th Loft 22 Entertainment will present The Southern Television & Film Summit. They are looking for all filmakers,producers,directors,writers,network execs, casting agents, actors, investors, film students and film enthusiast! For more info please visit: Check out the pics and I wish her many years of success! Thanks April Love for the personal invite!

CBS Better Mornings,Tv anchor Corinna Allen

Chris(Mele Cotte) cake designer

April Love,Lisa, Melanie Mitchell

Comedian Rodney Perry and I

*Some pics by Paras Griffin

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