Ludacris the politcal man?



Last night Ludacris held a benefit for Mayoral candidate Kasim Reed. There is only about a week or so before we know who will be the new mayor of Atlanta. Ludacris held the benefit at his swanky restaurant Straits last night and lots of supporters and political folks filled the room. Chaka(Luda’s mgr) and Ludacris said a couple of words about Kasim and how they met him and wanted to support him in his race for mayor.


I’m not a very political person at all and you hardly see me posts things on this subject matter, but I really enjoyed broadening my horizons and learning about politics. I cant vote for Kasim Reeed because I dont live in the city of Atlanta but I wish him luck!


I can see Luda now doing some great things for the city of Atlanta because as Kasim Reed stated in his speech, Luda is Atlanta.I see him growing older with gray hairs and maybe running for a government position, you never know what the future holds lol. I mingled with some key power leaders in Atlanta at the party. I met Kasim Reed’s brother Carlton who’s a Professional Development Consultant and Mr. Reed’s Media coach, Vic Bolton owner of Capital Strategic Communications Group.

Kasim Reed talked about The Ludacris Foundation and how he opened a community center back up and now the kids are happy to have a place to play and learn. He also talked about a lil girl that was happy to show the state of the art computer room to Kasim on his tour of the center. ¬†Reed says,” It’s time for new leadership and a new direction”.

Thanks for the personal invite and dont forget to vote on Nov 3, Atlantans!

Some pics by photographer G.Paras and



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