Lupita Nyong’o Shows Her Braiding Skills With Vogue


lupita nyongo

Kenyan beauty and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o has skills! She’s in a new video showing her braiding skills for Vogue magazine! 

She said while in college, she did a lot of her friends hair but didn’t have the heart to charge them! I was the same way when I was in college because me and my bestie Heather, had a makeshift salon in our dorm room and I did nails she did the hair. We did it for fun at first but both of us went on to own our own hair & nail salons. It was a fun time! Lupita said her aunt back home in Kenya taught her how to do bantu knots, box braids and more! My daughter is wearing braids right now and I just can’t seem to sit still that long to let someone braid my hair lol. Check out the fun interview below!

“Your hair is your frame—it’s so important,” she says. And, she emphasizes, “braiding tells a story,” marking the body with a symbol of communal affection.


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