Magnum Live Large Project

Friday night I was invited out to the “Magnum Livin Large Project“. When I got the invite I was thinking how will they do this event about condoms? Well, when Pia and I arrived, I must say the event was pinktastic in a goldish kinda way lol.

Drinks anyone?

Great bites!

When we arrived on the rooftop of the Ventanas, you saw gold drapery flowing, music playing, drinks pouring and bites served. Models were wearing the cutest gold sequined dresses, celebs were arriving on the gold carpet and the atmosphere was cheerful.

Rooftop of the Ventanas

Solid Gold!

It was a private gold carpet awards ceremony and soiree hosted by Ludacris.The masters of ceremony was Hill Harper and he did a fab job. The event was to crown the achievements of the entire Magnum Live Large Project national campaign.The recipient of the 5,000 check went to Greater than Aids campaign part of Kaiser Permanente Hospital Foundation.

Ludacris,Hill Harper,Trina

Honorees getting their awards

Honorees for the evening that received awards were councilman Kwanzaa Hall, Pittsburgh Steelers player Keyaron Fox, Jermaine Dupri,Byran Michael Cox and Ludacris.

Ludacris,Eudoxie,Ryan Cameron

Eudoxie and Ludacris, cute!

Luda was joking on stage when receiving his award, saying that he was happy to receive it because he was a great “supporter” of the Magnum condoms lol. I also had the pleasure of riding on the elevator with Ludacris and his girlfriend Eudoxie and I was telling her I took french for 6years and can’t remember a thing lol. She speaks fluent french and she was going over some words with me, I laughed but understood some things she was saying. I also asked Ludacris when was he going to shoot his next video. He said he shoots them all the time and does some of them here in Atlanta. I told him to consider putting me in one and he said, “no doubt!” Ok Luda, I’m going to hold yah to it! lol.


DJ Kid Capri

This was the best dressed guy in the building!

Pia and I

Hill Harper and I

My dude!

Later on, we partied to DJ Kid Capri and I was working up a sweat, whew! I must say it was a great party! I would like to thank The Edelman Group and The Garner Circle for the personal invite and enjoy the pics. Happy Sunday!

All photos provided by Sal/Papparazzi

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