Matthew Weaver,stylin and profilin

Have you guess that live here in Atlanta ever met Matthew Weaver? Oh no? Well let me introduce him to you. He is one of the best dressed men in Atlanta and has styled some of the most popular celebs and prominent people here. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Mr.Weaver two days in a row and had to introduce myself to him. He said, “well Tami, I love color and clothing”, I’ve been doing this thing here for quite a while now”.

Pic by Joeff Davis

He is exactly right and I love his style! He mixes all sorts of patterns and textures together and makes his style of dress look effortless lol. He said, “Tami next time you’re at an event, let me know so I can wear my pink suit!” I almost fainted! He has a pink suit! I cant wait to see it, I’m getting ready for you Mr.Weaver! Check out his site and stop back to see him and I in some fun pics! We both will be stylin and profilin ha!

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