Meet fashion designer Jacinta Ligon!

Fashion Designer Jacinta Ligon

Every since my friend Jacinta Ligon and I met in junior high school, she has been sewing. We would sometimes be late for school back in Cleveland,Ohio because she was finishing up making an outfit to wear to school lol. After awhile we lost touch but found each other again through our high school website. She now lives in Miami, Florida and I’m in Atlanta,Ga. We found out that we have some mutual friends too lol.

Love this dress

I see she is doing very well with her fashion designs and has created some wonderful masterpieces. I wanted to introduce you to her because the girl is bad to the bone! She is designing me one of her trademark pieces for an event I have coming up, but I wanted you guys to take a peek at what she can do. Enjoy and if you would like further info about Jacinta please visit her website at:

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