Meet my new assistant Pia Williams!

Pia Williams and I

Hey you guys it has been a pinktastic day for me! I have some very good news too! I have found my new Assistant everyone! Please say hello and pray for her because I’m crazy Pia Williams! She was born in Trenton, NJ but was raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated with honors from Alabama A&M and her degree is in TeleCommunications! She wants to be in public relations and we met at an event. I do not and I repeat I do not really hire women because of personal reasons but Pia had that special pink sparkle in her eye that I fell in love with lol.

Pia and her Lolita Glass she is official now lol

Today we had a meeting and she looked so overwhelmed with all the information I was giving her lol. She just took notes and kept smiling lol. She was shocked to learn about some info I was giving her but she was a trooper. She loves the color pink like me,reading,fitness and shopping and being with family. She lost her mom to breast cancer last October. I can tell it still bothers her and breast cancer awareness is an organization that is dear to my heart. Pia’s a Leo and has a boyfriend that’s a Gemini. How cool is that because I’m married to a Leo..I told her that we are the only 2 signs that can tolerate each other lol.

Ms. Nancy personal shopper at JCrew

We did a lil shopping and I introduced her to some of my sponsors in the mall. We stopped by Jcrew, where we met my friend and personal shopper Ms.Nancy. She showed us how to tie a scarf and wear as necklace. Pia loves fashion too and she is a flip flop girl! We both bought a pair, tee hee. The manager informed us that this season was all about mix and matching and just putting everything together that you would normally not do. Some looks were really cute.

Lawd,where is my eyelashes yikes!

Strapless dresses and shirts? Hmm

We then stopped in a boutique called, The Runway Couture and met the store owner Amy Loyal. She was cool and she will be one of my sponsors that will be doing the swag bags for my birthday party on monday.

The Runway Couture a new boutique at Mall of Ga

Our last stop was in my fav store Sephora. There, we saw the latest makeup line called, Tokidoki. All the sales girls had on colorful tutu’s it was the cutest thing. Star, the manager at the store was happy that I found an assistant because she knows how hard I work lol. We looked at some new makeup and it was so fun. After that we had to part ways because we have a big weekend planned. I really like Pia so far and I’m so happy she came into my life. So you will see her out alot with me,so stop by and say hello. Happy Friday indeed!

New makeup line at Sephora, Tokidoki

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