Meet YouTube Star @MakeupShayla



I’ve been watching numerous amounts of videos of this cutie by the name of Makeup Shayla as she is affectionately known on the internet! She has a beauty channel on YouTube that is quite popular! Come inside to check her out! 


So my daughter and I love to sit and watch her beauty tutorials to learn about all things makeup & hair and she is really, really good at it! I love how she shapes her eyebrows and applies eyeshadow which I find mind boggling! I can pretty much do everything else but picking and blending eye colors is not my best thing to do argh! With all this makeup I have, you would think I would have it down pack but I don’t lol. She makes applying makeup look so easy and if you are not familiar with Shayla you have to check her out! Follow her on YouTube or her Instagram she is everything! xoxo






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