Memories:Riding on Dubs with Gorilla Zoe!

Gorilla Zoe, friend, Me and Jamie Foster

As conservative as I am, I’m a huge hip hop fan. I love all sorts of music but I grew up in the 80’s when rap was growing more and more.People said it wasn’t going to last but it’s still here lol.

Lots of my friends can’t believe when they get in my car, my cd collection is full of  rap music. They look at me and say, “wow you just don’t look like you would like that sort of music”. “Yes mam”, I always answer! I love rap music lol.

In my gingham print dresses and big hats, I love to ride down the road listening to Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Ludacris and more. I just love the beat and it hypes me up on my way to events or what not. I went thru some of my archives again last night and found this picture of Atlanta rapper, Gorilla Zoe, his friend, me and Editor in Chief of Sister 2 Sister magazine, Jamie Foster.

I think Gorilla Zoe is handsome too!

It was Ludacris grand opening for his restaurant Straits about 3years ago. Gorilla Zoe pulled up in this pretty blue, tricked out hydraulic car and I said, “wow, I want to ride in that!” He said, “come on, jump in”. Jamie and I looked at each other and jumped in. Jamie and I interviewed Gorilla Zoe about his new album and what was next for him.

We rode around downtown Atlanta and it was such a beautiful breezy night with the top down. Gorilla Zoe was blasting his latest cd and it was so fun to hang out with him. Here is his video of the actual car we were riding in…fun Memories!

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