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Mocha Moon’s Help A Small Business Do Big Business Contest!

September 19th, 2012
I have to tell you something great that’s going on! My dear friend Lori Reynolds is trying to get her products on a home shopping network and she needs your help! You guys have NO idea how hard and how much money is involved with trying to show your products on those type of shows but I told Lori I would help her as much as I could. She has a great cosmetic bag that I use daily and she has produced new ones. In order for her to be on a shopping network show though, she will need to produce thousands and thousands of cosmetic bags not a few hundred! Yikes! They love her product that she presented to them and they are very interested in having her on the show but in order for her to do the show, she has to raise the money to produce more cosmetic bags. Thats when she thought to launch a new campaign! The Mocha Moon’s Help A Small Business Do BIG BUSINESS contest! All information is below, please help a small business owner out! xoxo

Enter here for your chance to win two of the hottest fashion items
The Lori L tote bag and Perez cosmetic organizer. You will also be helping a small business do BIG BUSINESS! Mocha Moon has the opportunity to do BIG BUSINESS with a major home shopping network but I need your help and support!

To enter this contest
1.  Click here and make a $10.00 donation

2.  Share this link with your family and friends on Facebook &  Twitter:

Please, help a small business do BIG BUSINESS
Check out the video:


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