Mona Scott-Young Annual Holiday Party, Reality Stars Come Out!

Mona Scott-Young Annual Holiday Party, Reality Stars Come Out!

December 16th, 2013

Chef Roble, Kim Osorio, Rowena Husbands, Peter Gunz, Kino, Mona Scott-Young and guest

Over the weekend, hundreds of close friends and family plus reality stars came out in the frigid weather in Newark, NJ to celebrate the holidays with Tv Producer Mona-Scott-Young. The event took place at Newark Museum with all the holiday trimmings, good food, spirits and music! Come inside to check out who all attended the event and more! 

Mona Scott-Young, Shawn Young and family

Mona Scott- Young and her family

the scene at the Newark Museum 2

Festive Atmosphere!

Mona cuts a rug

Mona does the two-step

Benzino and Mona Scott-Young

Benzino & Mona

Yandy Smith

Yandy Smith

Chef Roble and guest

Chef Roble and guest

Mona Scott-Young and Tara Wallace 1

Mona & Tara Wallace

Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz

Peter Gunz & Tara Wallace

Mona and Joe Budden do a two-step

Mona & Joe Budden


Mona Scott-Young 2Shante Bacon - Saptosa FosterJoe Budden with Mona Scott-Young 1Mona Scott-Young and Charlene Dance

Mona Scott-Young and husband Shawn YoungMona with Peter GunzMona gets a hug from Tara WallaceMona Scott-Young's daughter Jordan and son Justin 2

Images by Stephen Knight


  1. Why is Chef Roble and Peter so casual? See I can’t stand when people aren’t in dress code! And Tara being there with Peter…LAWD…she doesn’t value herself.

  2. Mia K. says:

    Not sure about Yandy’s cocktail dress of choice. It’s a mix party with children. Not the best holiday dress for the event!!!!

  3. Mia K. says:

    On that note, I love Mona’s sparkly dress but the top area seemed a bit confusing. But the colors look great against her honey complexion.

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