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Ms.Claybrooks is still a Diva!

August 14th, 2008

I get a phone call today from my best friend Heather. She says click on Im like whats going on now lol! She said mom is in the paper under the style section! Im like wow, mom is always doing something like me! Trudy Claybrooks is really not my maternal mom but she might as well have been! She re-raised me as a young adult and took me in when I didnt have any place to go. She told me once that I reminded her of when she was young. Me and her daughter were room mates in college. We became best friends and been so, for over 20 years. Her mom has seen us do some crazy things over the years. She is such an inspriation to me! I learned how to bake from scratch, take care of a house, and be a good mom because of of her. Now, she has landed herself in the Style section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer lol! Her tenacity for thrift shopping and making her outfits from there look chic fits right up her alley! I too, am an avid thrift shopper and have found some wonderful pieces there because of Ms.Claybrooks. I love her! To read the full article got to and look under Style section or:


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