Oprah my celebrity look-a-like

I was watching Sunday Morning today on CBS when I started to laugh. They did a segment about celebrity look a likes and thats when I thought of Oprah Winfrey lol. I am a tv personality, talk show host & blogger. Oprah and I are in the same business and it’s so funny how people have told me that I look like her. This was a few years back before I got into television. We are also both curvy with the same shade of skin tone.

What really makes us look alike is the hair. I’ve always been told, wow you have Oprah hair lol. I dont style my hair the same as hers on purpose, it’s just how my hairstylist does it. I wish I had 1/3 of Oprahs money but I guess it will happen for me in due time lol. I did have the pleasure of meeting Oprah in Ceveland,Ohio(my hometown) a few years ago. She was visiting a historical church there. She got out of the limo and stood right by me. I loved her peach color suit. She kinda starred at me as to think, wow she  looks like me lol.

I really don’t know what she was thinking but that’s what it looked like she was thinking in my brain. She was friendly and said hello and waited on the curb to find out where she was suppose to go to next.We shared small talk for a few minutes. I really look up to Ms.Winfrey because she has paved the way for soo many aspiring african american women like me! I wish her well with her new ventures, and maybe before she retires, I will be able to interview her one day. Fingers crossed.

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