My Pinkalicious 42nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

I want to first say, I’m pooped out and thats why it took me so long to write this post. Usually I’m on it but Pink Suga(my alter ego) was tired lol. The day started out sunny in Atlanta. I woke up with the sun beaming down on me, I knew it was going to be a pinktacular day!

Son with his morning birthday song

I woke up to my son standing by my bed with a stuffed toy that started singing, It’s your birthday, party like its your birthday! He then proceeded to do a lil dance for me, my son can boogy(he get it from his mama lol).My daughter made me a home made birthday card and had her whole class sign it,so cute of her.

After that I got up and the cell phone started going off with text messages from twitter and facebook. I then got on the computer and saw all the birthday shout outs via email, twitter and facebook, I felt loved!

My husband,mom, sister, mother in law,my best friend Heather from Cleveland and Lisa Wu Hartwell, all called to wish me a happy birthday! I was a happy camper!

Stephanie giving me the beatdown lol

Later my personal hairstylist Darnayle came over to do my hair and my makeup artist Stephanie Dawn. They made me look so pretty. The look that I was going for was a pinupstyle look from the 50’s. I love vintage things and wanted to do something different.

After the glam squad left, my kids were home and my daughter helped me pick out a dress. I was going to wear a black mermaid style dress but my daughter said,no mommy wear this one. She is my little helper and stylist lol.

Mapp Transportation Pink Hummer,love!

Me and the kiddies

I got a phone call from Jim who owns Mapp Transportation that he was at the gate and I was too excited to go see the pink hummer! Jim my driver, was soo kewl and loved his pink tie!

Jim Mapp owner of Mapp Transportation

Our first stop was to pick up my host for the evening Isoul Harris and his partner Craig Stewart. They looked great in their pink attire. We then headed over to the Four Seasons hotel where I was greeted by alot of my guest!

Riding in the pink hummer baby! Whoop!

Isoul, Me and Craig arriving at the Four Seasons Hotel

Antwon Tate and I,we go way back!

Marsha and I she owns MSquared PR

Hey it’s Aimee the Coupon Diva!

Craig and my explosive buddy Ina Saulsberry

It’s DJ Kix, he is clean whew!

My friend Marian (my photographer for the evening) xoxo

Celeb photographer Drexina Nelson,Craig and I

Wedding photographer Alecia Lauren(who does my fam pics)

Entertainment reporter Sonya Jenkins & CiGi Britton

Everyone looked so nice in their pink attire! The Four Season staff then rolled out this pinkalicious fancy cake and everyone was in awh! Soon after, a guest named Mark Hulsey(who was a staying at the hotel) came up to me and said, “hey I will sing Happy Birthday to you”. I said,” sure thing!”

Mark Hulsey singing happy birthday to me!

He then belted out this happy birthday song that I have never heard before! He was a small statured man, but had a very big voice! The whole Four Seasons hotel got quiet and listened to his beautiful voice! He was also wearing pink, what a great birthday gift! Everyone clapped for him and I teared up immediately, such a blessing!

Tamitini drink of the night

Craig,Victor,Me,Satchel and Isoul

Lenora and guest

Me, Craig and the Enchanted Christal

The stylish Erica Dias and guest

Christy and I loved my necklace she made me!

Pretty women of the south!

Editor and chief of 944 mag, Isoul and I

Pia and I

Ahsh, me and Marian

My gift from Wendy! Didn’t want to open lol

My bud,Preston Haliburton esq

My pretty pinktastic gifts!


We took pictures,laughed and sipped on Tamitini’s in polka dotted glasses. The gifts I received were fabulous and I couldn’t have asked for a better 42nd birthday party! Thanks to God for making this pinktabular birthday memorable, to all my guests, Marian Anderson for being my photographer for the evening,Pia my assistant, PinupGirlclothing for my pinktastic dress,MSquared Pr for making it happen, Isoul & Craig for hosting, Four Seasons Hotel & staff, Mapp Transportation and ofcourse my family! Enjoy your day everyone happy tuesday! Enjoy the pics!

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