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My Red Carpet Look From Celebrity Hairstylist Val Hamilton

February 22nd, 2012

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have an upcoming photoshoot. I didn’t hesitate to contact the best in the business to help me get ready! Today I zoomed downtown to see celebrity hairstylist Valerie Hamilton. You have seen her on my blog before(click here). She has styled Lisa Wu hair, Chilli, Jennifer Holiday and the list goes on. I called her yesterday to ask her if she had any room to do my hair because of my shoot tomorrow. She just so happen to have a cancellation and I jumped all over it!

My regular hair

I made my way to her new salon she just took over called, Red Carpet Hair Design which is adjacent to the Fox Theatre and Gladys Knight Chicken & Waffles on Peachtree Rd. I loved the free parking in the rear of the salon.Most salons downtown don’t last long because customers hate running out to the meter every darn minute, so that was a plus! Inside she greeted me and got right to work!

My hair before the weave process

Although I’m blessed to have a head full of hair, it’s rather blah and boring. For a photoshoot you want to have some va va voom and fullness that I don’t have with my natural hair. I placed a call earlier that day with my friend who reps a hairline company called, Eynco. They sell one of the best human hair lines out there! My friend got me the hair with no problem. I ordered the 23 inch in an auburn color and an off black color. I have highlights in my hair, so thats why I had two different colors.

Val has a great technique that she does after being in the hair business for over 23 years. It was cool to watch her work. She did my weave in a v-shape pattern. The hair thread that you would use to sew the tracks in, is what she also used to braid very small braids to attach the weave to my hair as well.My bff back home uses braiding hair to attach the hair. I thought that was genius and have to tell my bff about that! I told her I wear my hair up a lot so thats why she used a v-shape pattern to do my hair. Look at the picture with my hair twisted up. You can NOT see any of my tracks. I love how she did that!

Val doing the v-format weave process

How my hair looks when its up. No tracks visible

The Front

The back curled

It took Val approximately two hours to complete my weave from the nape of my head to the front. She left a little bit of my top hair out.If she didn’t have to stop for a few things, I think it would have been less time.She said I can wash it, dye it,or do whatever I like to it. It should last me about 1 to 2 months. She spiraled curled my hair all over and that took her all of 5 minutes after she completed the weave. She works very fast! My head feels like I got my hair braided it’s tight but it’s not uncomfortable. Everyone loved how it turned out. Her new salon Red Carpet Hair Design is a 24 hrs business, and Val KNOWS what she’s doing! If you are looking for a hairstylist,weave specialist or whatever you should check her out! She is one of the best in Atlanta and highly recommended! I wouldn’t lie to yah and I am picky as heck! Thanks Val and good luck with your new salon! Call the salon for prices and availability! xoxo


Val and I


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