My review on the Monif C Convertible Dress!

Jill Scott in Convertible dress

I was so excited today because I received my Monif C convertible dress! They were out of stock in the pink one but they sent me the pumpkin color instead. My girlfriend Tish was here with me, so she said she would help me make different styles. We watched a couple of ¬†Monif C instructional videos and Tish assured me this was going to be easy as pie. I wasn’t to convinced at first.

I put on a strapless bra and stepped into the dress and the first thing I noticed was that it was really long. I assume that they made it that long just in case some customers are tall. I’m 5’5″ not too short but it was just a few inches longer. ¬†All I have to do is take it to a seamstress for a quick hem and I’m in business. I put on my tallest heels I had and we got started. Tish is about 5’8″ so she said that would be a perfect length for her.

Tish and I playing with the convertible dress

The basic look

First we did the simplest style which was just bringing the two straps to the back, then back around to the front with a double knot. Then we did tried the strapless look, which was my favorite! If you’re a frequent reader, I wear a lot of strapless dresses! When we tried this style, I thought the straps were going to fall down because of the size of my bust but the material stayed in place. Oh, did I mention that the material feels like you’re wearing pajamas! It’s very light weight, comfy plus stretchy, love it!

Trying the strapless look, my favorite!

The last look we tried was the goddess look, that’s what we named it lol. If only it was in white,I would have looked like I was a Greek goddess lol. This style was quite sexy with half the shoulder out.With great accessories and shoes this look would be a knockout! I loved all the styles but from watching the video, I can create many different looks. I had Tish help me today with styling the convertible dress but one person can definitely do it. I want to thank Tish for participating in my review and thanks to Monif C for sending me over this fabulous dress! It definitely gets an A+ for comfort and style! You will be seeing me on a red carpet in this dress! Tish has ordered 2 (one in pink and one in white).

The Goddess Look

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