My review: Show n Tell the musical

Show n Tell the musical was in Atlanta for a short time but I got a chance to check it out last Sunday. At first my kids were skeptical about going because they thought it was going to be for babies. They are too funny! Once we got there, they started to loosen up.

I loved the set design which was a classroom setting with bright colors and lockers. The show started a few moments later and everyone got quiet. In the show their was lots of diversity. They had twins, a disabled kid and all sorts of personalities that your kids could relate too.The show was about a young girl who didn’t have much and had  show n tell coming up. All the other kids had cool things to show but Vivian, played by Elizabeth Letendre. All she had was her beautiful voice. Her friends encouraged her and the teacher Miss. Bluesette, played by Barbara Sheree. Both Barbara and Elizabeth had amazing voices in the show!

My favorite characters in the play were Alexis Prissy, who wore a pink dress and shoes with pigtails and a perky attitude and Gregory Michael who could sing and dance but was nerdy as heck! My son loved Noel Rodriguez who was a gamer and my daughter loved Vivian. The choreography was fabulous, the songs and story line. I loved Vivian’s solo, “I have nothing to show”.

Alexis Prissy

Oh, did I tell yah that my kids fell in love with the play! For some kids that didn’t want to go, they said, “mom, this was the best play,thanks for bringing us!” See kids need to go see things before all the rants lol.

After the show, we got a chance to meet 2 cast members, Barbara Sheree(Miss Bluesette) and Elizabeth Letendre (Vivian Loraine). Barbara a Philly native,came from a singing background and she has appeared on several tv shows and performed with many singers. She has never did a musical but she is loving the opportunity. I asked her if she had any advice for the youth who wants to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

She said to know your craft and be involved and never stop! Elizabeth has been knowing the Director Stepp Stewart for many years, so she did not have to audition. She’s from Boston and appeared in the top 20 of making the band. I asked her the same question and she said have an open mind, patience, and persistence is the key!

The play comes back to Atlanta in February so check your local listings. I would like to thank Diane Larche Communication for the tickets. We had a pinktastic time!

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