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My Tooth Scare

January 3rd, 2011

I’m not a happy camper! Yikes!

A few weeks ago I was at the movies with my son on his birthday. We were watching a movie when all of a sudden I felt something gritty in my mouth. Lord and behold my filling fell out! I started to panic because it felt extremely weird and discomforting.

While driving home from the movies, it had occurred to me that I didn’t have health insurance. My hubby had just switched companies and his insurance hadn’t kicked in yet. I was a wreck and my tooth starting hurting more. I have some issues with my heart too and I remembered reading that tooth decay can lead to your blood stream and I got really worried then.

Tooth Xray, not good!

I remembered a year ago I had a dentist on my show named, Dr.Edward McDonald. I quickly found his information and gave him a call. He told me that he had just opened a new practice right by me one exit away. I quickly made an appointment for the next day. When I woke up that morning a second tooth had fell out as well. I was in panic mode as I rushed up to Dr.Edwards office, what was going on!

When I was a young girl my mom was a single parent with no insurance so she would take us to see dental students who were in school to become dentist. It was at a deep discounted rate and I swear I hated going to them!

Open wide, argh!

Everytime I would go, they would find something wrong with me! Last year it was a story on Dateline about Dentist who would over bill insurance companies when low income families would come in. I really and truly believe I was one of their victims. I was around 9yrs old and the dentist was not very nice to me. Lets just say over the years, I just refused to go to the dentist. I take my kids but when it’s my turn, I always opt out. It left a huge mental scare with me.

Dr.Edward McDonald and I

Well I had told Dr.Edward McDonald about my fear of dentist and he assured me that I would be fine. He was gentle,explained everything that was happening and when he fixed my teeth, I felt so much better and guess what? It was not that bad at all! If you live in the Hamilton Mills area of Atlanta, you really should check out Dr.Edward’s practice called, Cornerstone Dentistry. If I can go to him and I’m a big chicken you guys should not have any problem. They offer affordable payment plans, easy scheduling, professional and safe environment, and they accept most insurances. If you also need comfort, they have an in house Psychotherapist on staff that can sit with you and hold your hand, her name is Neva( I used her). I’m all better now and thank you so much to Dr.Edward for seeing about me.

Check out our fun interview together!

Cornerstone Dentistry: 2463 Hamilton Mill Parkway suite 240  770-932-6510


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