New Reality Show: Game of Crowns


Last night I was up and couldn’t really sleep, so I turned to Bravo and a new reality show clip came on called, Game of Crowns. It peeked my interest because its a show about grown women, most married with kids competing in a series of beauty pageants and for the title of “Mrs”. It was pretty good and I’ve been thinking of competing again in a pageant but boy am I rusty and need a lot of work to even start! Ofcourse the show is full of arguments, fights and more but it did show a bit of the pageant world that I miss. The show will premiere July 13 at 9:15pm. Come inside to check it out and more info! 


This docu-series follows six pageant wives competing on the “Mrs.” circuit whose lives revolve around glamour, perfection and winning at any cost. The cast includes Shelley Carbone, Lynne Diamante, Leha Guilmette, Lori-Ann Marchese, Susanna Paliotta, and Vanassa Sebastian. From trophy wives to pageant moms, these ultra-competitive ladies share their love of the game and will stop at nothing to win local and national pageants for beauty queen status. In each hour-long episode, the ladies will compete to snatch the spotlight while viewers watch their intense preparation that includes obsessing over the perfect swimsuit, working tirelessly with trainers and honing their interview skills with coaches — all while being dedicated mothers and wives. How will the women settle their scores both on the stage and off?

Check out a sneak peak:

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