New Year, New Hairdo Using Glow Beauty Group’s Glow Manetainer

Gorgeous, healthy, shiny curls never go out of style do they? In the new year, I want to try different hairdos too. How you chose to wear your hair is entirely up to you – be a saint and keep the curls tamed and gently tousled or be a sinner and shake those curls out big and bold!

I had an event yesterday afternoon and I headed to my daughter to give me a cute hairstyle and she gave me all these bouncy curls. I was so in love. I try really hard to keep my hair trimmed and healthy and she does a great job of maintaining it for me. Whatever your ‘do, do choose Glow Beauty Groups edge control to sleek down your edges and I really swear by it! It gives you the most incredible, touchable hair too! More pics inside and where to find.

Glow Beauty Group Glow Manetainer 

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