Nicole Richie Learns What It Takes To Be A Rap Star


In this new episode of her web series, #CandidlyNicole, Nicole Richie learns what it takes to be a rap star. A huge fan of rap music, but in search of rap jams she can relate to, Nicole enlists the help of Brother-in-law Benji Madden and Rapper Ebone Hoodrich to help her compose and perform her very own rap song. 




Rapper Ebone Hoodrich: What’s the name of your mixtape going to be?

Nicole: Nikki Rich…

Ebone: Gotta do my hook first, you know?

Nicole: The hook is the subject…Ok, I just got bangs.

Ebone: I’m a stunnah, just got my hair done for the summah.

Nicole: Eveyone know I’m a stunnah, getting my hair done for the summah.

Ebone: Now we’re finna turnup….

Nicole: What’s the key to a good rap intro?

Ebone: You just gotta have the swag. You don’t even need to write the intro down.

Nicole: I just want like a little outline.

Ebone: Say your name like that, “Rich.”

Nicole: Rich! City. Do we throw out like the state flower?

Ebone: Make some little noise, like sound effects

Nicole: Like DMX. Arf, arf, arf. So how about meow? …Chillin in the hair salon. Oh, you know what’s so baller? If I get a house call.

Ebone: What’s that?

Nicole: You don’t go to the salon. They come to you.

Ebone: Yeah, that’s stunnah.

Nicole: Now, normally when I’m home I make a lot of gluten free dishes….like chillin in my crib makin gluten free spaghetti…

Ebone: Lecompte Salon on the way so it’s time to get ready.

Nicole:Rapping I don’t go to the salon. I call that a house call. Makin money in the crib, I just got a money call. Gonna hit the beach, sand toys and water wings. My new doo and dairy-free ice cream. My Plantar Fasciitis, that’s a baby thing. My new bangs, that’s the crazy thing…This is getting wild. So now what?

Ebone: You’re ready to make your hit.

Nicole and Ebone perform Nicole’s full rap in the studio.

Nicole: What do you do if you have a girlfriend or a wife, but obviously you have to rap about slaying b*tches?

Ebone: If you got a girl or wife, they should already know what comes with it…

Nicole: 2 Pac or Bigggie?

Ebone: Pac.

Nicole: Jay-Z or Kanye?

Ebone: Jay.

Nicole: Beyonce or Rihanna?

Ebone: I like them both.

Nicole: Barbie or Jem and the Holograms?

Ebone: I don’t know what that is.

Nicole: Who’s the best female rapper in the game?

Ebone: Nikki Rich…


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