On the grind with my Cadillac SRX

Me and my girl Cassandra Ingram

I was on the grind today by going to visit coffee shop owner Cassandra Ingram . She has owned her hip and swanky coffee shop Urban Grind for 4 years now. She lived in Manhattan, Ny for many years and wanted to come to Atlanta and bring a different flavor to coffee shops. She wanted her coffee shop to remind her of all the diversity she saw back home in the big apple.

We sat down and chatted and I loved her spirit. She told me the many challenges she faced when trying to open her own business, and maintaining it. She has lots of repeat customers, that love to just hang out and drink coffee, relax and meet up with friends. Later on you can come back and heat open mic, live music, poetry or see artwork exhibits, you just never know.

Music section

She offered me the Pesto chicken sandwich and a slice of red velvet cake, yum! She said the sandwiches are great sellers and ofcourse the different brands of coffee. Im not a coffee drinker but I would just come to hang out! I really felt comfy and at home in her place.

Pesto Chicken Sandwich

After we chatted, I took her outside to show her my 2010 Cadillac SRX! She loved it and said, “Wow, Cadillac has really stepped it up”. She loved all the room and the fancy tv’s in the back seats.

Cassandra loving the Cadillac SRX

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Here is another successful woman living her dream! Thanks Cassandra for having me out and I wish you much success with your business! Loved the atmosphere and your conversation! Check out the video below!


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