One On One With Tv Personality Tanisha Thomas

tanisha thomas

Yesterday afternoon I was invited out to interview tv personality Tanisha Thomas! You guys may remember her from Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club(2008 circa) she always used to ‘pop off” but she is so much more than that tv show now! I first met this beauty about a year ago at the Bronner Brother show and we chatted for a minute. Well, we finally reconnected yesterday and it was very good to catch up with her!

In our exclusive interview, Thomas talked about her new daytime talk show called, Crazy Talk, she revealed her favorite reality stars of today, her 75 lb weight loss and also she finally answered my burning question about if she was still married or not! Remember she had that spin-off reality show where she got married to Clive? Well, she spilled the tea on that situation too! I have all the deets inside and our fun video interview together and more! 

Tanisha Thomas

Whats the new talk show about? It’s called, “Crazy Talk” its a reality tv show that shows the most outlandish, outrageous clips on television. We also invite some of your favorite reality stars on. I co-host it with Ben Aaron.

Who are some of your favorite reality stars?

I love Tami Roman(Basketball Wives) she is my homegirl, Tamar Braxton(Tamar & Vince) and Porsha D Williams(Atlanta Housewives).

Are you still married? Umm no! I was moving to the right, he was moving to the left. He was staying stagnant. I do regret putting my personal and intimate moments out there that should have been private. I have moved on now but I wish Clive would sign these divorce papers because I have someone else. Let me go!

Your new look, what happened? I’m transitioning out of plus but I do understand fashion. I loss 75lbs.I have changed my eating habits, its a whole lifestyle change. I plan on collaborating with a few brands like Fashion to Figure and more. I need to be around to spend these coins!

Whats the name of your new book? The name of my book is called, Diary of a Fat(Fed Up And Tired) Girl. Its an amazing book that will be out soon.

fashion to figure

Tanisha Thomas

Here in Atlanta, “Crazy Talk” Airs weekdays on Peachtree Tv 4pm & 4:30pm


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