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I will admit that I had NO clue who actor Chris Pratt was. When he walked into the room full of us bloggers (while out in Los Angeles for our Guardians of the Galaxy press junket) I did find him very handsome but again, I never heard of him. After sitting down with him and listening to his stories, I found him to be very genuine, funny and extremely witty! We talked about his role as “Star Lord” in the upcoming film, taking dance lessons, being an icon for future generations and so much more! Come inside to read what this hottie had to say! Don’t forget, Guardians of the Galaxy orbits into theaters August 1st! xoxo



You clearly didn’t need it but did they want you to take dance lessons?


Well, once they saw me cut a rug [LAUGHTER]…That’s just like another element to this movie that’s like unlike anything anyone has ever done in a way, so that’s pretty cool.


How much training did you have to do for the fight scenes?  


Oh the fight scenes were pretty intensive, we had about six weeks of rehearsal before we even started shooting in London and we did stunt rehearsals every single day. So, a big part of that was learning, training, refining the fight scenes. We would learn a fight scene for a couple of weeks and then it would end up changing, and we’d learn it again. I secretly think it was a way for them to get me to lose even more weight, they’re like, Hey, Chris, even more stunt rehearsal, can you believe it [LAUGHTER] this stunt is you running on a treadmill…we did a ton of training but it was really fun and that the stuff I really like.

I was an athlete growing up and played sports and it’s just nice to be part of a team of athletic people and being coach-able and being told what to do and getting better at it day-by-day at doing something physical. That to me is really like a nice break from sort of the mental exhaustion that can come with acting. You don’t have to think too hard to do stunts, which is just perfect for me.

What was your most memorable moment while filming?

That very first day we were on a set in an area that’s called Morag, that was a real set and it looks so fantastical, it’s just such an epic set…you assume it’s all green screen but the thing was a real set…Actually another great moment is the first time I put that jacket on and walked, the jacket was totally telling me how Peter Quill would walk, you know. But I’m running, there’s a wind blowing like probably sixty seventy miles an hour, rain machines, guys are shooting real water from real ponds, hundreds of feet up in the air and we’re on an outdoor set that’s probably a hundred and fifty yards long, a hundred and fifty yards wide. So it’s a massive like two football fields put together with green screen all the way around these giant shipping containers stacked like ninety feet high.

So there’s an element of green screen around the entire horizon, but on the inside it was like a sea had just drained out and it revealed this city that had been underwater for ten thousand years. So, that was the moment where I thought, holy cr*p. This is happening, I’m on this movie, and it’s going to be epic.

What was it like working with Director James Gunn?

James kept telling me over and over that he was going to replace me. [LAUGHTER] it kind of became an ongoing joke that he kept pitching different ideas for actors…he was going to put their face on my face, at the end of the movie…which by the way, I never was offended by. I thought it was funny every time he said it…my favorite part about filming this movie was the relationship I had with James in terms of our comedy, it matches up really well.

It’s super inappropriate [LAUGHTER] and we’re constantly trying to outdo one another in terms of our inappropriateness. So we’d say some pretty shocking and terrible things that we’d be laughing at, but it was kind of like a survival mechanism…

How does it feel knowing you’re an iconic hero for younger kids of this generation?

Oh my gosh, that is to me the greatest part of all this. I remember pretending to be Han Solo in my backyard, or pretending to be Indiana Jones, or Luke Skywalker as a kid. I mean comic books and storytelling of this magnitude is what really helped me cultivate my imagination as a young kid and to think that kids are going to be out and they’re going to watch this and they’re going to feel that way. It’s just really…I’ve been Googling synonyms for surreal just to try to help explain what it feels like. [LAUGHTER] It’s really cool…that’s like by far the very greatest feeling…I’m going to be a hero to these kids. They’re going to dress up like me for Halloween [LAUGHTER].



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