Open House 2010

Yesterday was my kids open house! You know I’m winding up to get ready to do the cabbage patch dance on Monday morning, lol! We started off driving the 2010 Wheego Whip electric car to my daughter’s school first. She was so nervous and excited to meet her new homeroom teacher and see old friends. This is Tyras first time having a male homeroom teacher plus he is her science teacher. She said he seems cool.

The Wheego Whip electric car

Trying to find her homeroom class

Tyra’s Principal

She looked over her schedule and we walked around to see some of her fav teachers. We met her principal and he said, I don’t think we’ve ever met Tyra? I said, “well I guess that’s a good thing” lol. In middle school, its set up a lil bit different. They just email you the kids grades and if there is an issue, then there is a phone call. I got one phone call last year about her being sick, that was it lol. I never met any of her teachers besides the homeroom one, strange.

Tyra’s homeroom/science teacher

Go Eagles!

I remember school like it was yesterday and I was a good student. The other kids would tease me and call me teachers pet all the time lol. I was a lover of pink even back then and would get picked on for wearing the color so much. High school is a whole other blog post lol.

Tyra’s Favorite teacher

The next stop was to my son’s elementary school. He said,”oh my mom, I have bubble gut!” “I’m so nervous and hope that I like my teacher!” This is his last year in elementary school he’s in the 5th now, time flies! He’s on the 2nd level now, so he is on the “cool” floor and not with the babies lol. His teacher seemed nice and we filled out all the paperwork and went over supply list.

Hallway chaos,yikes!

Love this wall mural!

Terrell’s and his principal

I found out that “puffy head” is in his class this year! If you read my blogs, puffy head was my sons crush for like 2 years. The fell out, so he says but when he saw that she was in his class this year, he started grinning. I was blank starring, let’s say jealous mom! Smh! He should only has eyes for the mama! smh!

My son’s fav 4th grade teacher

Terrell’s Kindergarten teacher

The teacher told him to pick out a seat and  ofcourse he put his name tag next to hers, I side eyed him so bad lol. Puppy love gotta luv it! The schools were filled with students,parents and school officials and I was just as excited as they were. I will have an updated post on Monday, as I get out my lawn chair early in the A.M with camera in tow and my pepsi and I wave them both off to school! Happy Friday!

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