The Grandparent Gift Co.

I haven’t did a give a way in a while and wanted to start it up again. This is a precious product by The Grandparent Gift Co and Im sure you will love it. It’s a friendship mirror that has a great story behind it. Here is the description for you. The Friendship Mirror- The […]

Sunday Flowers

Dootie(Tyra) and Pootie(Terrell) My kids got on my last nerves last night, so I sent them to bed early. I just can not stand all that bickering and they do it alot. They  must have known that I was very upset because this morning they got up and went outside and came back with fresh […]

Kim Kardashian Dazzles us with new shoe line!

Well here we go again with another fab chica launching another great business. I get so excited to see women doing great things,it just tickles me when I hear we are doing some great things in the world. Shoes are always a great conversation piece and I dont know anybody that doesnt like shoes lol. […]

The Pink Affair at Sam’s Club

Today was the Pink Affair with Sam’s Club in Buford,Ga. It turned out to be a nice day although chilly. Sams had tables set  up for all the vendors that came out to support breast cancer awareness.Early that day people walked for then some came out to support our vendors by purchasing cupcakes,ribbons,while the […]

What a Makeover!

Taylor Ector Studios I am working on something very nice here in Atlanta. It involves our top celebrity photographers and I think people will be pleased with the outcome. Well Rob Ector was my third stop to see on my journey and we had a ball! Rob Ector is a fellow Clevelander that I met at […]

Waffle House,our second home

Tyra(Dootie)Momsy,Terrell(Pootie) We never had a Waffle House in Cleveland, Ohio where I grew up. When my family moved to Atlanta four years ago,the first thing I noticed was that there was a Waffle House on every corner. I was like wow, what is that lil place? Well four years later, I know that I’m in […]

Dwight Eubank’s viewing party

6th Housewife Dwight Eubanks I love me some Dwight, he is such a wonderful guy and full of life and good spirits! He is unique in many ways but we love him still the same. Last night I got invited to his viewing party of the season finale of the Atlanta Housewives. I know I […]