Meet the sexy Emmanuel Delcour!

Hottie Emmanuel Delcour Talking With Tami: You are so handsome my goodness! Does the ladies like the fact that you can throw down in the kitchen? Firstable Thanks for your interview. ” Women like Attention and for me cooking for a Lady is The Best way to Express The LOve I want to Give .. There […]

Dita Von Teese Kitchenware!

I was on twitter looking at Dita Von Teese twitpics when I came across this picture of her kitchen! Im at a lost for words! If I was not married, I would have this kitchen set in a heartbeat! How adorable is this fridge and stove? My mouth was wide opened, this is just not […]

Family Shoot with Alecia Lauren!

I love Alecia Lauren! I had the pleasure of meeting her on the set of Deserving Design with Vern Yip. My family got a room makeover on the HGTV show. She was the photographer that took my families pics and of the room makeover, a couple of years ago.I think she is the sweetest lady […]

Holiday Windows

My fav holiday store n window, Guess I’m trying slowly but surely to get into the holiday spirit. I was at the mall the other day and was just window shopping when I thought to take some pics of the window displays for the holiday.In another life, I wanted to be a window decorator, but […]

Bright Ideas Launch party!

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you I went to a great launch party over the weekend! Bright Ideas Ent. launched its new facility that will house a full service television and production studio! It’s also not too far from me, so I can pop in sometimes and check out what they’re doing lol. It’s […]

I’m on my way to Walgreens!

Got it! So the new look is Ace bandages and Christmas tree lights! If this is the haute new look, then I am on my way up to Walgreens right now to stock up.Maybe my hubby will wrap me up and stick the lights in so I can be cute too! I cant believe people […]