Go-Getter Debra Shigley!

Author Debra Shigley TalkingWithTami: Your wonderful book, The Go-Getter Girls Guide is so cute! Tell us what made you write this? It started with my own experiences 10 years ago, when I was about to graduate college and had that sudden questioning, “ok, what the heck is my next step?” I reached out to a […]

I’m named after a pretty songbird!

Tammi Terrell I was chatting with my friend on twitter last night and her name is Tammi too. I spell my name  a lil different from hers but we were laughing about it. I got to thinking that I never googled who my mom named me after.I’ve always heard that  singer Tammi Terrell was a […]

Why do I luv this?

I’m going kooky or something but for some reason, I really luv this look on Lady GaGa, except the baby powder splattered all over her. This chica really knows how to grab your attention and leaving you wondering what will she wear next. The lace on her face(and thats good lace lol) looks so pretty […]

Goodness gracious! Jay McGee!

Jay McGee TalkingWithTami: Hey there sexy! Tell us when you first heard, you should be a model? I first heard I should be a model when I was in high school. I was just a skinny little kid that was good at basketball and everyone use to call me little Chris Tucker.  They said I looked […]

Those LV CanCans Fantasia wore!

Fantasia on the red carpet with those hott shoes! Awh Hah! With the help  of good ol Google I was able to find out what kind of shoes Fantasia was wearing, on the red carpet last night. I had a funny feeling that they were Louis Vuitton’s because I know they created some funky lil […]

Stylish men on the red carpet at Soul Train Awards!

Ray J my top pic, hey Ray J lol The men on the red carpet at the Soul Train Awards came with their A game. I saw alot of men in gray, must be the fall look, not sure. I love to see a well dressed man, especially in a suit, and dont smell good […]

My red carpet favs from Soul Train Awards!

Fantasia pls give me those shoes, you dont need them! My top fav! Last night as you saw in an earlier post I didnt have a great time but still watching the fashions picks up anyone lol. Last night I got a chance to see Divas and Divo’s work the red carpet. Here are my […]