Pageant A Musical Comedy recap

A couple of weeks ago Pia and I were invited out to see a hilarious play. I didn’t know what to expect as we entered the 14th street playhouse in midtown Atlanta. Being a former pageant girl, I was expecting a play about girls being in a beauty pageant and some humor lol. Well I must say we were totally shocked as the play went underway lol.

The pink curtain goes up and out comes 6 contestants in their best pageant wear. Frankie the emcee starts singing,”Something Extra”. Only thing is, they were all men! Pia and I looked at each other and started laughing. The pageant “queens” came up to the mic and introduced themselves. There was Miss Deep South, Miss Texas, Miss West Coast,Miss Bible Belt and Miss Great Plains.All these umm “ladies” were competing for the crown and title of “Miss Glamouresse”. All of them had great personalities so we had to figure out quickly who was going to take the title! It’s set up where the audience decides every night who will be crowned!

Miss Texas(Brian Clowdus)

The competition included evening gown, swimsuit, talent, spokes-modeling and beauty counseling to callers in need. Me and Pia had already picked our top favs! I loved Miss Deep South and Pia liked Miss Bible Belt. See, I already knew that Miss Deep South was going to win because she had the “full package” lol.  Yes the one I picked won!!! Miss Deep South won Miss Glamouress and shook up the whole pageant! She was polished, her pageant wear was on point and her talent was great!

Miss Bible Belt(Bernard D. Jones)

After the upset of Miss Deep South winning the crown, we got a chance to meet the cast who were still in full character. Miss Texas didn’t win, so he came out very upset and acting like a hater towards Miss Deep South and us lol. That was poor sportsmanship…tisk, tisk Miss Texas! We also chatted with Miss Bible Belt who’s real name is Bernard D. Jones. He has the smallest legs you could ever see and in those dresses,it was really funny. He actually attended Morehouse college here in Atlanta and was cool to talk to.He has been on Meet the Browns and toured with Lyfe Jennings too. All the actors in the pageant can sing,dance and wear a mean dress! I loved the play and the cast and if you’re in the Atlanta area please stop by and check out the show, it’s very entertaining! The book/play was written and directed by Bill Russell & Frank Kelly. Alan Finkle,2 Fat Farmers Productions and Dustin Lewis produced it. Don’t miss it and you can get your tickets at the play runs from Sept 3-Oct 24th. Thanks to 360 media for the personal invite!

The Cast

Frankie Cavalier

Miss Bible Belt

Miss Great Plains & Miss West Coast

Miss Texas

My pick! Miss Deep South(Miss Glamouresse 2010)

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