I have been a collector of pearls every since I was a little girl.They make me smile. My grandma Nunu passed a few years ago and my mom said she had left me something. It was a very long strand of pearls. I didn’t think any thing of it and placed the velvet cloth case in my jewelry box and hardly wore them.

That was many years ago and now I pull my pearls out all the time. I see that Michelle Obama loves to wear pearls and so does the character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & The City. I wear my pearls with Tshirts or anything, I love them that much!

Today I got a gift in the mail from PearlParadise. Hmm, I thought to myself, what could this be. I opened the package and saw a gorgeous black velvet box. I started to get all giddy as I opened it. Inside was a beautiful pink pearl necklace! I fell to my knees, are you kidding me! Yes a pink strand of fresh water pearl necklace with an appraisal letter and pearl care kit lol! I was in awh as I took it out the box and tried it on! It’s fits just right and sparkles.I cant wait to leave the house and wear it!

PearlParadise sells some gorgeous pieces and have a variety of combinations they design with pearls. They also offer deep discounts! I think every girly should own a real pair of pearls. This necklace will definitely be my daughters, “something borrowed” on her wedding day! I love the rings,earrings,bracelets and long strand necklaces with leather they make, hauteness! I have to work on getting me the earrings to match now!

I told yah a girl loves her pearls and I will wear them proudly every chance I get! When I wear this necklace, it will remind me of my Granny NuNu. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart Pearl Paradise, this pink pearl necklace is simply Pinktastic!

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