Peek Inside: Fashion Blogger Song Of Style’s Closet


Ever wanted to know how some of your favorite and top fashion bloggers closet’s look? Well The Coveteur recently caught up with Aimee Song/Song of Style to take a peek inside her closet. I was a bit shocked that it wasn’t more fancier with sparkly things. From looking at her items, she dresses down a bit more than I had imagined. Im sure its all high end pieces but very subdued.

I had the pleasure of meeting Aimee out in Beverly Hills at Lucky FABB a few years ago, she is VERY tiny in stature but she was nice. I’m always mesmerized by what’s inside someone’s closet, just to see what they collect in their wardrobe and more. It always tickles me but my favorite one till this date is reality star Marlo Hamptons! I will never forget hers omg! I will be going to a friend’s house very soon who has an amazing closet, stay tuned for that! See more of Aimee’s closet inside! 


I normally don’t have an outfit in mind unless I’m going to a specific event, so it really depends on my mood, the weather and what I’m doing that day. On an average day I tend to pick out my pants or jeans first, then dress around that. ~Aimee Song






To see more of Aimee’s closet click here


Images via The Coveteur

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