Fun times at Peer Leadership Conference 2010

Hebron Baptist Church

This was my 4th year speaking at the Gwinnett County Peer Leadership Conference. This year, I was asked to speak at the 1st Annual Elementary Peer Leadership Conference, held at Hebron Baptist Church.  I was a bit nervous because I usually talk to 8th graders lol. I love being around all youth, so I didn’t think it would be too much of a difference.

Student teacher Mallory and I

When I was in school, I didn’t really have a role model, or an adult I could talk to or let alone a peer leader. Me giving back every year to the Gwinnett Pear Leadership program makes me feel like I am helping someone, when they feel alone.

I talked to 3 different elementary schools today, Parsons Elementary, Puckett’s Mill Elementary and Berkeley Lake Elementary. The kids were so cool and eager to listen to my story.I also did some classroom activities with them and taught them about social media. I don’t have a standard way of speaking to them with handouts or diagrams written on the chalkboard, it’s all hands on, which I find more effective.

I hope that I connected with atleast one student to show them that if I can go through things in life and overcome them, they can too! I would like to thank the members of the counsel over at Gwinnett County Peer Leadership for inviting me back every year, and shout out to all the 400 students that came out today! I had a blast and you guys rock,remember what I said, DREAM BIG!

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