Phaedra Parks & Apollo Attend The Mayor’s Masked Ball


Yay! Apollo lives another day! Those of you that watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta know that Apollo and Ms.Parks haven’t been getting along lately since those not-so-nice text messages were going on between him and Kenya Moore. Tisk, Tisk Apollo but we still love yah! Phaedra had threatened to cut his tongue out but evidently she has forgiven her handsome beau because both attended the Annual Mayor’s Masked Ball looking very nice. When they announced the reality couple for the Walk of Fame during the Mayor’s Ball the announcer said, “the stunning Phaedra Parks!”. Everyone in the room looked around and it got really quiet for a second, you could hear a pin drop! Awkward! I loved their complimenting looks and Apollo made all the girls in the press pit squirm when he posed for my camera, yes gawd!



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