Phaedra Parks & Family New Photoshoot!


I remember talking to Atlanta Housewife Phaedra Parks a few weeks ago about how her new edition was adjusting to the family. I asked her the name of the her new baby boy and she said they were going to have a ‘unveiling party’ for the baby’s name lol. I was a bit confused but either way her son Dylan is too adorable, what a great looking family! So here’s the first photo released of her new son with big brother Aiden and her husband Apollo! Very nice!

Sidenote: Around the rumor mill, there is a ANOTHER young lady who knows Phaedra from back in the day and she is not too happy with her either! It’s reported that she is coming out with a tell-all book too, to expose a few things about Pha Pha! Allegedly they have bad blood with shady business deals, and a whole bunch of other mess! Where do these disgruntled people come from? What a shame! Story developing!

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